According to speculations, Samsung S10 is all set to receive an exciting feature which is the fingerprint sensor embedded onto the display. Previously it was rumored that Samsung’s upcoming flagship phone – the Galaxy Note 9 will receive the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but it seems that Samsung has deemed that it needs more time to work on this technology and has instead focused on implementing it on the S10. The feature is also set to be available on the S10+.

This may be a cause for great disappointment for Samsung’s fans as there has been a lot of hype surrounding the Galaxy Note 9 owing to this feature. However, Samsung’s decision to pull out is a smart one, as they would rather offer a smartphone in the future with the technology perfected, rather than a half-baked one right now. The S10 and S10+ aren’t available until early 2019.

This new feature will see a shift from Samsung’s proprietary “Infinity Display” which has featured on most of its recent smartphones. The display occupies the full space in the front of the device as there are no bezels. This offers an optimal viewing experience for users. It will be interesting to see what Samsung does to the display on the S10.

The technology, also known a Fingerprint on Display (FOD), is experimental and several smartphone makers have been looking to perfect this technology and beat others to get the first working product out in the market.