Nintendo has announced that it is bringing the NES Classic back in stock​, much to the delight of the fans​. The consoles are expected to be available from June 29th and ​it ​will give​ all​ those who missed out on the device during its initial release to lay their hands on one. They will remain on sale until the end of the year as per Nintendo. It also added that the SNES console will be re-released soon and will be made available till the end of the year.

The NES Classic was initially discontinued in April 2017, but was brought back on popular demand towards the end of last year in November. But Nintendo didn’t anticipate the kind of demand that the device garnered and all their units were sold out in a short span, with most of them being sold on the pre-sale. Now fans should hopefully get a second change to purchase the console but the question will be if Nintendo can actually keep pace with the demand for the NES Classic.

The NES Classic features 30 games, including Nintendo’s iconic Super Mario Bros and Donkey Kong. It is also expected that Nintendo will include 20 NES games, which will contain updated features for multiplayers.

Until date over 2.3 million units of the NES Classic have been sold by Nintendo and over 4 Million units were sold for the mini variant – the SNES Classic. The NES Classic is priced at $60 and the SNES is priced at $80 and the prices are expected to remain the same for the re-release as well.