Game developer Bethedsa has announced that it will be releasing a sequel to Rage, titled Rage 2. A trailer of the game was leaked online and Bethedsa later confirmed that it is indeed working on a sequel for the popular 2007 shooter game, Rage. However, there is not much information available on the new game apart from this, as even the trailer is fully live action and doesn’t feature any clips from the game. It is expected that more announcements on the game would be made during the E3 which is scheduled next month.

Bethedsa did confirm that a gameplay trailer will be released on the 15th of May and fans will be eager to see the improvement they have made to the game. Although it is expected that the game will be released across all platforms – PC, PS4 and the Xbox One, a release date hasn’t been specified by the publisher.

Released in 2007 & developed by ID studios, Rage is a first person shooter game set in a post-apocalyptic world. According the official listing of Rage 2 on Bethedsa’s website, the gameplay seems to be similar with the sequel set in a “dystopian future devoid of society, law and order”. Although going by the looks of the trailer the game might be more geared towards humor than the prequel.

The listing also acknowledges that Rage 2 is a collaboration between Bethedsa and developer Avalanche Studio, who designed the Mad Max 2015 video game and the recent sensation Just Cause 3).